World’s greatest rest stop

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www.wall321.comWe were traveling across the central¬†Oregon desert in the heat of summer, had not seen a shade tree, much less a comfortable picnic table nor restroom for over two hours. Our rule has always been to keep going till we find the right place, and we did until to our great joy, around the corner in a¬†little charming town we literally found an oasis — a little rest stop with shade trees, water, sunflowers in full bloom — just across from the city hall in the tiny town of Dayville. The ladies’ room in a small, old wooden building was complete with a vase of cut flowers and to boot the lady running the place was there herself. Dayville OR“I’ve been taking care of the place for years, and each year it just gets a little better.” So true and so fabulous for us.

This place reminds me of the best we want from a civil society and from government.


adminWorld’s greatest rest stop

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