Why I’m Called the “YOU”

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Sometimes I myself wonder until that position the “You” occupies in life priorities is unexpectedly reinforced.

My wife is away helping our daughter by managing the work to remodel her house while she works.  I have infrequent contacts usually  classified as necessary only to make sure I am alright.

So this morning I called my wife to get some info on how to clean our coffee maker.  I cheerfully reported how beautiful things were on the farm and how much I was enjoying it all including cleaning the living room.  I then told my wife how I was sorry she was missing it all — days like today happen only occasionally and then pass by.

Her reply to all this emotion was,”I really miss my sheep, especially the ewes.”  To which I inquired if I, the YOU was included.  “Of course, but you are always there.”  That’s me, always there but rarely included in first mentions.

adminWhy I’m Called the “YOU”

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