“We” are going on diet

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Prune JuiceShortly upon returning home from my second shoulder replacement, my wife was assisting me with my giant shoulder sling.  “A little tight huh, Bull? . . .  This is not good . .  .   we are going on a diet.”  For my wife, already being svelte and thin, this “we” was, obviously ME — but, not to worry, I was going to be drugged out for the better part of the next month, so what a great time to go on a diet!

Little did I know what the little red hen had been up to.  Seems like she had been snooping around with that cadre of (mainly female) advisors on varying aspects of my healing and that, having only my best interests at heart, had come up with this incredible plan which improved bodily function and nutrition.

“Look what I have for you, dear?” .  . . . and there it was, this huge clear glass full of this slick looking purple stuff.  I reached out and it was also warm!  This was not looking good, even in a drug-induced state.  But, not wanting to hurt her feelings — she was obviously very proud of this presentation — I asked calmly and in a nice voice, “what is this, dear?”

“This physical therapist told me that better than prunes to solve a side effect of pain killers was warm prune juice.”  So there it was in its glory, one giant glass (not a small, cool juice glass) but one giant glass of nature’s best warm prune juice.  I drank it, but we did have a subsequent discussion that giant glasses of warm prune juice were really anti-guy, not fair to a guy in-healing.



admin“We” are going on diet

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