Inequality is truly mean

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Stevie WonderWe have a good friend, a good and blind friend who has been a contributing and productive man against immense odds that would put most of us down and on the dole.  Not our friend.  Now he is older — has just lost his partner of many years, the one who was their eyes, their transportation, their cook.  Yet, our friend’s humor remains remarkable:  “I have been thinking about driving. . . well. . . maybe better to do something about selling the car.”

On a more serious note he now finds it necessary to do a reverse mortgage on their condo, though he and his partner both had long, professional careers.  And that got me to thinking.  Here is a man who has contributed greatly and continues to do so in spite of incredible odds; and there is no decent-yielding investment option available to him in the midst of all those who have hoarded the best and most productive assets to themselves (yielding some six to twenty percent annually).   The best return generally available to our friend — and most of us — right now is probably something in the one to four percent range.

Inequality is not just unfair, it’s mean!  And I am profoundly ashamed that we have allowed and continue to allow such meanness in our society! The trouble is, partly, that these people in their isolation don’t even know the extent of their meanness.

adminInequality is truly mean

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