Returning to “my people”

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simpsons.wikia.comEight years away from my roots, I returned home, to my neighborhood, to rediscover “my people,” a mix of idiosyncratic, iconoclastic, independent, non-judgmental, delightful souls seeking intangible values. Most of us meet weekly.

Describing ourselves better, one of the Greek philosophers observed “if the soul is the intangible part of the human being looking for intangible values, then love is two souls coming together.” In the case of our group, those I call “my people,” are a varied band, coming together, continually redefining and forming a community of awareness.

I had missed them more than I realized; and upon finding them again I did in fact shed deep tears of joy.  For me they form a pattern of hope — hoping that all of us could have some community of souls that holds us together.

adminReturning to “my people”

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