Who is "The You"?


Ferdinand The Bull

“The You” is me, a male writing (from a guy’s perspective) about happiness:  animals, gardens and places, books and ideas —  and our gatherings where we share delicious food and joyously discuss world-changing ideas — our pleasures of life. 

When those pleasures are disrupted, I impulsively react as did Ferdinand The Bull, stung in the butt by an angry bee.  I roar into action until things are corrected and my peace returns.  My partner, The Red Hen, thinks I need balance, regular and substantial pruning.  I think I’m abused, she says I’m indulged.  Somewhere in between lies the joy and humor of life’s good stories with which I take some regular license.  It makes for more fun.  

We have engaged our great life adventures with an extra flair.  We have moved to and built new places, we have gone where our souls and circumstances have taken us, we have created and continue to build a meaningful life amidst both adversity and hope because, wherever we are, we put forth our best efforts .

I hope you find this site full of the profound joy, fulfillment and laughter we have experienced.

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This place is really all about the animals. Bill and I spent our first ten years together on a large farm in the rural South—several thousand acres of pine, pasture, soybeans and corn. And on the pasture were brood cows and their calves. Before long I, a city girl, was helping to herd them into the squeeze chute, vaccinate them, …

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Yes, he moved in . . . to the house

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Dennis is a very handsome, green-eyed fellow, and he is almost as social as a dog, following us up and down the property and riding in the car and truck. He tried to go home with the electrician one day—his van was full of interesting cubbies! As the house was being finished, a professionally installed cat door went in, six …

adminYes, he moved in . . . to the house
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And then there was Dennis . . .

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I am a dog person. I don’t want a cat, but on a farm we need a feral cat who lives in the barn. I will NOT have a cat in the house, NEVER, EVER. Soon after acquiring the property we moved into temporary quarters (the garage and our camper) and the place was invaded by carpenters, excavators, electricians and …

adminAnd then there was Dennis . . .
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Traveling and moving in search of . . .

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My wife and I have spent some of our married life looking for, sometimes living in those places we thought would be beautiful, interesting and meaningful.  No one place has been perfect, but each has warmed our souls (those intangible parts of ourselves in search of intangible values) in some special ways. The active search is still adding to a lifetime, increasingly …

adminTraveling and moving in search of . . .