Who is "The You"?


Ferdinand The Bull

“The You” is me, a male writing (from a guy’s perspective) about happiness:  animals, gardens and places, books and ideas —  and our gatherings where we share delicious food and joyously discuss world-changing ideas — our pleasures of life. 

When those pleasures are disrupted, I impulsively react as did Ferdinand The Bull, stung in the butt by an angry bee.  I roar into action until things are corrected and my peace returns.  My partner, The Red Hen, thinks I need balance, regular and substantial pruning.  I think I’m abused, she says I’m indulged.  Somewhere in between lies the joy and humor of life’s good stories with which I take some regular license.  It makes for more fun.  

We have engaged our great life adventures with an extra flair.  We have moved to and built new places, we have gone where our souls and circumstances have taken us, we have created and continue to build a meaningful life amidst both adversity and hope because, wherever we are, we put forth our best efforts .

I hope you find this site full of the profound joy, fulfillment and laughter we have experienced.

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Returning to “my people”

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Eight years away from my roots, I returned home, to my neighborhood, to rediscover “my people,” a mix of idiosyncratic, iconoclastic, independent, non-judgmental, delightful souls seeking intangible values. Most of us meet weekly. Describing ourselves better, one of the Greek philosophers observed “if the soul is the intangible part of the human being looking for intangible values, then love is …

adminReturning to “my people”
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I keep running into large systems

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I have a wonderful friend, James, who one day while helping on our little farm made one of his more prescient, large-system predictions about health care:   “The only time you hear from them is when the rates are going up or you have been cancelled.”  The next two months proved his wisdom. First, my old standby medication for arthritis jumped …

adminI keep running into large systems
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Corporate soup

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Moving cross country we had passed a truck similar to this one. We should have recognized it as an omen. I don’t think we had ever heard the term “corporate soup.” A motel with its associated restaurant did us the honor. Tired and looking for rest and food, we found a nice motel with adjoining restaurant chain. “Well, one chain …

adminCorporate soup
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The spirit leaves the house

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There is nothing like packing up and moving from your home of several years.  As the art and pictures are taken from the walls, the pots from the kitchen packed, and the dog bowls put into a transport container — the spirit has left. Well, we all like to think it is just in a box, but it only partially is. …

adminThe spirit leaves the house
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Four good citizens

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I was talking to a couple who are good friends —  more importantly they are GOOD CITIZENS.  Two others I know well have earned that moniker, not only from me but from many who lived with and around them. I have seen a good measure of life and I have concluded that the most important people are those who care …

adminFour good citizens
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How to get a fast referral

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This is about health care and how I, or should I say my cat, got the world’s fastest referral. Our feral cat Dennis was adopted for his supposed ability to keep vermin out of our house, for which Dennis’ claws were needle sharp and intact.  He could defend himself or get up a tree with faster-than-a-fast-dog speed. Now if you have …

adminHow to get a fast referral
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My early spring friend

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We gardeners are an optimistic lot, particularly in the spring — nothing like getting into the soil for the first time, setting out the plants that will make the early garden.  For two years I had a large friend with an even larger propensity to lie happily in the freshly dug and composted beds.  I had barely finished putting out the compost …

adminMy early spring friend
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Nudging life along

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We come to the beginning of a new year once a year. We seem to have just enough time to remind ourselves that life is always about transitions; and that sometimes the best we can do is to just nudge these repeating beginnings toward our desired path. What we should appreciate is what we can reach — the ability to create moments of …

adminNudging life along

What ever happened to Mrs. E. T. Wright?

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On Sunday my aunt Reba would remind my uncle Richard (who never went to church), to drive the 35 miles to fetch his Mother for Sunday Dinner.  My uncle was a true gentleman who fetched his Mamma quietly and without comment.  He always greeted her with “Mornin’ Mamma, ’bout ready to go?” “Now, Richard you know better than to rush me …

adminWhat ever happened to Mrs. E. T. Wright?

Why I’m Called the “YOU”

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Sometimes I myself wonder until that position the “You” occupies in life priorities is unexpectedly reinforced. My wife is away helping our daughter by managing the work to remodel her house while she works.  I have infrequent contacts usually  classified as necessary only to make sure I am alright. So this morning I called my wife to get some info …

adminWhy I’m Called the “YOU”