Who is "The You"?


Ferdinand The Bull

“The You” is me, a male writing (from a guy’s perspective) about happiness:  animals, gardens and places, books and ideas —  and our gatherings where we share delicious food and joyously discuss world-changing ideas — our pleasures of life. 

When those pleasures are disrupted, I impulsively react as did Ferdinand The Bull, stung in the butt by an angry bee.  I roar into action until things are corrected and my peace returns.  My partner, The Red Hen, thinks I need balance, regular and substantial pruning.  I think I’m abused, she says I’m indulged.  Somewhere in between lies the joy and humor of life’s good stories with which I take some regular license.  It makes for more fun.  

We have engaged our great life adventures with an extra flair.  We have moved to and built new places, we have gone where our souls and circumstances have taken us, we have created and continue to build a meaningful life amidst both adversity and hope because, wherever we are, we put forth our best efforts .

I hope you find this site full of the profound joy, fulfillment and laughter we have experienced.

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World’s greatest rest stop

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We were traveling across the central Oregon desert in the heat of summer, had not seen a shade tree, much less a comfortable picnic table nor restroom for over two hours. Our rule has always been to keep going till we find the right place, and we did until to our great joy, around the corner in a little charming town we …

adminWorld’s greatest rest stop
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Life’s unexpected transitions

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Beginning each year we invariably make resolutions to change the course of our lives for the better; and a short time later we mostly fail to recall even a few.  For us, the times we could reflect and make changes were both unexpected and unwanted. My opportunity came when we had no money to spare.  The economy had tanked — there were simply …

adminLife’s unexpected transitions
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Small is Beautiful

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Small is Beautiful – E. F. Schumacher “Economics as if People Mattered” is a primer to see how we could understand economics better.  Want to start somewhere with inclusive meaning?   Start here and let your mind extrapolate into changing today’s paradigm of money and market only.  Always in the top ten.

adminSmall is Beautiful
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Generous acts to one another

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Many of us search for the existential “goodness.”  I use as a turn of phrase “Godliness”  — to express the existence of a prime goodness most of us want to recognize in ourselves.  Some choose to personify this as God.  A recent article by David Brooks cited the thoughts of Kennedy Odede: “My mom taught me that while there is a …

adminGenerous acts to one another
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The She Speaks

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The “She Speaks” is a metaphor for the females in my life. They have numbered up to four at any one time including a wife, daughter and two female dogs.  It’s a wonder I survive at all, at least, that’s my point of view. Each time I have had a male companion — a dog, for instance — it lasted until a female dog came …

adminThe She Speaks
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What’s your nose doing in the waste basket?

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This might be called an ode to fate or, just a humorous, poorly timed event — for me, just 10 days after a shoulder replacement, when I was totally drugged-out, barely remembering my own name.  Everyone was assuming I was quietly in bed.  I wasn’t.    MY WIFE TO OUR DAUGHTER:    Get up! your father just fell in the wastsbasket ANS: …

adminWhat’s your nose doing in the waste basket?
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I really miss my Kat

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For five years we lived on a farm with an increasingly participatory companion.  One day I stopped to open the main gate and realized how far the relationship had already gone.  A yellow striped Kat was sitting on my truck’s console —  where he henceforth regularly sat and moved over to drive.  From this beginning we increased our companionship: he followed to my studio, to the …

adminI really miss my Kat
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Night Train to Lisbon

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Somewhere in the midst of this gentle but powerful romance is the charismatic physician/poet Amadeu de Prado’s conviction that “no one should live in pain.”  In the midst of a revolution, his conviction provides multiple conflicts around his dedication to destroy the autocratic rule of António de Oliveira Salazar.  A beautifully crafted film, whose impact is lasting on its viewers.

adminNight Train to Lisbon
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And they swam and she smiled

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As I was just finishing my regular swim at our community pool, in came a family: mother, father, teenage daughter, surrounding and guiding a wheelchair containing a second, seemingly older daughter.  All were laughing, smiling, chattering.  They cruised around to the edge of the “river lanes,” a circuitous stream with a continuously flowing current.  They eased their delighted daughter from …

adminAnd they swam and she smiled
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Julie and Julia

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A humorous, informative story about two great cooks.  I have always loved Julia Child, but Meryl Streep and the direction give huge life to this very tall, very exciting woman.  It also highlights the lifelong support of her husband, encourager and producer.  On my all time top ten.

adminJulie and Julia