On political debates

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adamsnostalgia.wordpress.comMy daughter had a brilliant suggestion for political debates. Each candidate would be put into a little individual sound booth next to others in similar booths. Candidates would be able to see and hear one another as usual, elements of friction and hatred would show. However the following rules would apply:

  • Candidates could be heard only when turned on by the moderator.
  • There would be a prescribed a time limit and speaking order.  Violate either one and the moderator would hit the “Off” button.  Any interruptions would thus be seen, but not heard.
  • If the speaker did not respond specifically to the question asked, or diverted onto non-related political diatribe — “Off” button.
  • When their assigned time is up — “Off” button.

Under these conditions and with balanced questioning to all candidates, we as a family might again consider listening.

adminOn political debates

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