On hockey and punishment

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www.totontosun.comMy two females are rabid hockey fans.  Needless to say, Saturday nights are not movie nights, neither are they football nights.  They are always “Hockey Night in Canada.”  Now, one would think that hockey, being a relatively violent contest, would not be the sport of choice for my females.  Wrong!  It is not only their sport of choice but their addiction.  Adding farther illogic, even though a particular game may be terrible, they will watch it just to see Don Cherry, the most of macho guys!  I, a non-hockey fan, have to admit that it’s worth watching hockey just to see this man — unreal and delightful!

That said, here’s my females interesting take on hockey violence.  Unless and until someone really gets smashed, violence is just part of the game.  But get this, they imagine the right, at their own discretion to inflict their own punishment, akin to  invisible cattle shock prods that they could apply, without notice,  to a particular player’s butt for errant behavior as he sits in the penalty box — one or more little shocks to remind him of the errors of his ways.  My daughter gleefully imagines “ZAP . .  . ZAP . .. watch him jump . . .that will teach him to misbehave.”

I sometimes wonder if there is not a misplaced metaphor for correcting me?

adminOn hockey and punishment

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