Oh for those deductions!

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My wife and I have a strong attachment to our little farm: its garden, our sheep, all the living accouterments and work associated with small farm life.

Snobbery vs eleganceAt a recent dinner party given by some lovely and generous people I was seated next to a very self-important woman who had apparently been an attorney in the Bay Area.  Now, first you must note that when a sophisticate says “Bay area” it is more like saying an soft “Phay” certainly not a hard “Bay” area —  which softer pronunciation is intended to connote something both priviledged and special, certainly above the stature and understanding of the recipient, in this case me.

After clarifying her stature she said, “I understand you have a little farm nearby.  My husband and I thought of having one.   Oh, for those deductions!”

We must remember that when doing our daily chores.

adminOh for those deductions!

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