I thought I was taking a vacation

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IMG_3696You must remember  that we live and continue working on our farm — hard and constant work for over four years.  I had just gotten to the point of seeing the hardest work, you know, working with concrete and shoveling and hauling, at an end.  Just then my wife decides we should “visit” our daughter for a few days.

Off we go for the cross-country drive — we like doing that, always finding great places to picnic and stop.  Three days later we are at our daughter’s — beautiful drive and a great new place discovered on the way.  I say to myself just before we go in the door  — “AAH – – REST!”

Then the surprise/s.  You see my daughter lives by the pile system and to give her credit most of the piles were in plastic bags in her car — but there were more — piles of leaves, severely overgrown landscape and the dreaded cracked concrete patio with old peeling paint, and a fence that had to be slightly shortened so the patio would drain.


So for three days I worked much harder than  on the farm — fixed the fence, pruned the landscape and patched the dreaded concrete.


I am looking forward to returning to the farm and will look with a less jaundiced eye at the things I must  do there regularly.  When I am tempted to complain I will remember when “the You” took a vacation.

adminI thought I was taking a vacation

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