I really miss my Kat

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IMG_0720For five years we lived on a farm with an increasingly participatory companion.  One day I stopped to open the main gate and realized how far the relationship had already gone.  A yellow striped Kat was sitting on my truck’s console —  where he henceforth regularly sat and moved over to drive.  From this beginning we increased our companionship: he followed to my studio, to the garden and up to the upper pasture on irrigation days.    

With laden hearts and because of our bond, affection and commitment to his survival, when we left the farm, Dennis remained in the feral environment he understood and with the family who bought our farm and and whose two girls adored him.  They later confirmed our good judgement — our striped friend was well into training his new family. He now regularly enjoys watching TV in the lap of the new “father.”  

I’m glad he is happy and safe but do tearfully miss my companion.



adminI really miss my Kat

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