How to get a fast referral

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Dennis In ReposeThis is about health care and how I, or should I say my cat, got the world’s fastest referral.

Our feral cat Dennis was adopted for his supposed ability to keep vermin out of our house, for which Dennis’ claws were needle sharp and intact.  He could defend himself or get up a tree with faster-than-a-fast-dog speed.

Now if you have an affectionate cat like Dennis, he will come in, lie on your chest and exercise his needle-sharp claws through your shirt, purring in the process. And lovingly delivering a case of POISON OAK.

Now to the referral. As we know all too well, getting a referral to see specialist is usually much slower than the progress of the ailment itself. However, this time when I called my doctor’s office I told the cat-person assistant the story of Dennis who understood our dilemma – – his needling and my poison oak.  “We will have to talk to your insurance company for a referral. which usually takes two days.”

“Oh hell,” I thought, in two days I could be in real trouble. So being in a desperate situation I called my insurance company, got the greatest lady (another farm-cat person) in customer service and told her the Dennis story.  “Oh,” she said, “the referral is already here and I’ve already sent it to your dermatologist.”

Yes, thankfully there are cat people who can act with real urgency! Perhaps medical and insurance companies need to hire more persons with a high propensity for cat keeping?

And thank you Dennis!


adminHow to get a fast referral

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