Franklin knows who he is!

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Franklin In Water (2)After two more weeks of experimentation, he has decided that he is indeed a “sheep-watching” dog, a “Bordador” or Border Collie-Labrador mix.  He slips through the rail gate into the pasture two or three times a day.  He hangs around, watching, sniffing and checking for fox or squirrel traces, lying in the sun near the sheep.

One day, however, it occurred to him that the sheep should be in their pen rather than in the pasture, and while I watched he got behind them and got them moving.  Darned if they didn’t go in their pen!  He sat in the open gate, proud as could be.  I wish I knew something about training a herding dog; his natural talent really should be developed. As it is, it’s up to him and Sassafrass, and they seem to be becoming colleagues.

And he returned to the pond three times yesterday. We think the Lab part is confirmed.


adminFranklin knows who he is!

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