Franklin experimenting

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Franklin in Pasture

Anne Bryan

Franklin is irresistibly attracted to the sheep and lambs.  He sits and watches them from the deck with intense interest. He is too small to be any threat to them; more likely the reverse. And llama Sassafrass, of course, could toss him over the fence in a heartbeat.

Franklin went missing yesterday. A little alarmed for him (he’s very slippery and I do fear he might get under a fence into the road) we looked everywhere.

Franklin was found in the center of the pasture, just watching . . . sitting bolt upright gazing at the grazing ewes and lambs. Llama Sassafrass was nearby, not at all alarmed by his presence. The ewes occasionally lifted their heads to look at him, then went back to eating.

We have decided that we will treat him like a livestock protection dog, letting him grow up with the sheep, and perhaps bonding with them. As long as Sassafrass doesn’t see him as a threat, and he makes no aggressive moves, this seems like the best approach. Franklin is almost 50 pounds now, but I call him “Supplepup” because he can slide under any fence or through any gate on the whole place. It’s better that he see the lambs as his friends than as prey.



adminFranklin experimenting

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