Corporate soup

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Moving cross country we had passed a truck similar to this one. We should have recognized it as an omen. I don’t think we had ever heard the term “corporate soup.” A motel with its associated restaurant did us the honor.

Tired and looking for rest and food, we found a nice motel with adjoining restaurant chain. “Well, one chain is like another” we said, liking the sports ambiance, hoping for a cold beer and loud music to offset the day of endless quiet miles. Wanting to eat in a more healthy style (I should have ordered the hamburger), I stuck to my usual program and ordered a caesar salad and the tortilla soup. An odd combination I realize, but choices in the healthy arena were few.

Following a bowl of somewhat stale popcorn (why would a sports bar not serve chips and salsa for tired travelers?) the salad and tortilla soup arrived. The salad was ordinary as expected, but the soup was some kind of “goo/paste” with a dollop of sour cream in the middle — INEDIBLY AWFUL!  I called over the waiter and diplomatically described their offering as inedible. “We will be glad to credit it off your bill — a lot of people don’t like it –it’s our corporate chef’s new soup. We used to have soup that people really liked, but Corporate never listens to us.”

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