A community still asking ,”Why?”

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I am a faintly-religious, non-dogmatic person always on the lookout looking for compatible fellow travelers — those imbued with knowledge mixed with goodness and kindness.  On the recommendation of a friend my wife and I once walked into a small church in Denver where she thought we would find an intriguing mix of people on an intellectual/spiritual search, including quite a few pagans and non-believers.

Upon entering we found that a non-judgmental openness permeated the place.  Without knowing what or why, I observed to my wife “something very different is happening here.”  Here we found “our people,” those who have moved to a different level — informed, open and tolerant of exploring inner thoughts and potential.

There, over time a wonderful woman became one of my best friends and gardening soul mates — who turned out to be transgendered.  “Who cares?” She is a wonderful person and a good friend.   These are the best mixture of caring and accepting people I have ever known, and the essence they convey lifts one up as I have never before experienced.

The people we find comfortable are, with all available scientific knowledge, and in their great variety, still asking the question “why?”


adminA community still asking ,”Why?”

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