One of a Dog’s Worst Enemies

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P1080848Two of life’s greatest pleasures in the garden are flowers and the family dogs, in this case “Franklin Dog” — the clematis-chewing, vine destroying dog.  One cannot choose one or the other, since we love both the dog and the clematis.

Our first solution had been a wire cage around the clematis.  That was unwieldy, unsightly and removable by the dog of strong skills and intent.

One morning I watched as a tall stake I had inadvertently left propped against the clematis shivered as Franklin the dog brushed by with his usually fast moving tail.  Down it came crashing on Franklin.

P1080846Solution IDEA! –  prop several stakes loosely against the pillar, securing them so that they stay roughly in place but fall just enough to scare Franklin of the ultimate collapse.  IT WORKED!

As you see the trellis and the clematis are still intact and look relatively good.  Dog moves briskly by careful that his tail might cause another imminent collapse.  A winner for all three: the dog, the clematis and me, the “You.”

adminOne of a Dog’s Worst Enemies

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