Who is "The You"?


Ferdinand The Bull

“The You” is me, a male writing (from a guy’s perspective) about happiness:  animals, gardens and places, books and ideas —  and our gatherings where we share delicious food and joyously discuss world-changing ideas — our pleasures of life. 

When those pleasures are disrupted, I impulsively react as did Ferdinand The Bull, stung in the butt by an angry bee.  I roar into action until things are corrected and my peace returns.  My partner, The Red Hen, thinks I need balance, regular and substantial pruning.  I think I’m abused, she says I’m indulged.  Somewhere in between lies the joy and humor of life’s good stories with which I take some regular license.  It makes for more fun.  

We have engaged our great life adventures with an extra flair.  We have moved to and built new places, we have gone where our souls and circumstances have taken us, we have created and continue to build a meaningful life amidst both adversity and hope because, wherever we are, we put forth our best efforts .

I hope you find this site full of the profound joy, fulfillment and laughter we have experienced.

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Ferdinand The Bull

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Ferdinand the Bull –  Munro Leaf, 1938 The story really is worth a summary.  I have always identified with it. Young Ferdinand does not enjoy butting heads with other young bulls, preferring instead to lie under a tree smelling the flowers. His mother worries that he might be lonely and tries to persuade him to play with the other calves, …

adminFerdinand The Bull
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Our search for the “intangibles”

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Some great philosopher wrote to the effect.” if the soul is the intangible part of the human body in search of intangible value, then love is two souls coming together.”  I am extremely fortunate to have found a spouse and life where we found the soul in: our homes our friends our books our gardens and most especially with our …

adminOur search for the “intangibles”
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“We” are going on diet

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Shortly upon returning home from my second shoulder replacement, my wife was assisting me with my giant shoulder sling.  “A little tight huh, Bull? . . .  This is not good . .  .   we are going on a diet.”  For my wife, already being svelte and thin, this “we” was, obviously ME — but, not to worry, I …

admin“We” are going on diet
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The Little Red Hen

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The Little Red Hen, Paul Galdone 1938 In case you’ve forgotten the childhood story, find a kid and share this very quick little book.  It’s a good reminder of how generosity and kindness make everyone happier — and the pictures are a charming contrast to some of the cartoonish figures kids are so frequently exposed to.

adminThe Little Red Hen
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Shelter for the Spirit

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Shelter for the Spirit – Victoria Moran 1997 Ever wonder why you like your home and why you do the things you do to make your home a place of comfort and pleasure? No one has ever described why we enjoy creating our places and living in our homes better than Victoria Moran. Highly recommended.

adminShelter for the Spirit
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Inequality is truly mean

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We have a good friend, a good and blind friend who has been a contributing and productive man against immense odds that would put most of us down and on the dole.  Not our friend.  Now he is older — has just lost his partner of many years, the one who was their eyes, their transportation, their cook.  Yet, our friend’s humor …

adminInequality is truly mean
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On political debates

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My daughter had a brilliant suggestion for political debates. Each candidate would be put into a little individual sound booth next to others in similar booths. Candidates would be able to see and hear one another as usual, elements of friction and hatred would show. However the following rules would apply: Candidates could be heard only when turned on by …

adminOn political debates
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On hockey and punishment

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My two females are rabid hockey fans.  Needless to say, Saturday nights are not movie nights, neither are they football nights.  They are always “Hockey Night in Canada.”  Now, one would think that hockey, being a relatively violent contest, would not be the sport of choice for my females.  Wrong!  It is not only their sport of choice but their …

adminOn hockey and punishment
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Mi Casita . . delightful

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After a previous road stop where I was served “corporate soup” my wife and I had traveled another 400 odd miles, stopping in the little town of Green River, Wyoming, about which you should know two things. First, this little town has one of the finest authentic, south-of-the-border restaurants we have ever visited,  Mi Casita in downtown Green River.  The lamb …

adminMi Casita . . delightful
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Get out of the car, look around and breathe deeply

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On a recent move from Oregon to Colorado,  we made time this trip to visit two Park information centers we had used only for rest stops in the past.  If you spend the time at these two, an amazing wake-up call is in store.  Here’s their impact on us: Craters of the Moon National Monument in southern Idaho looks exactly like its …

adminGet out of the car, look around and breathe deeply